Which charger is suitable?


We offer various bicycle battery chargers with different kinds of connections.

We often get questions about which charger can be used.

This is dependent on 3 major issues: the voltage (volts), the capacity (Amp) and a matching plug.


Check the capacity of the charger (expressed in terms of amperage/ Ah)

Most standard chargers fluctuate between 1.5 ampere 9 1.5Ah ) and 3 amperes (3Ah).

A charger with a lower Ah loads less faster than a charger with a higher Ah. A lower or higher rating will not damage your bike battery. A charger with over 4Ah is called a fast charger. These chargers load much faster than a standard charger. Our advice  is for everyday, use a normal chager and only for special cases, the fast charger.


Check the voltage of the charger ( expressed in volts/ V)

The voltage of your battery and charger must match, is the voltage of your battery different from your charger or vice versa, it may cause damage to your  charger or your battery.

This information can be found on the label on your charger, or your bike battery.


Check the connector/ plug of the charger

There are really only two types of chargers  to obtain, namely those for 24V and 36V engines. However, there is a lot of varity in the many different connectors/ plugs which are available. Check before you order, the connector/ plug i fit fits your bike battery.

 If you still have doubts about the choice of a new charger, let us know and we will look with you. Please sen dus a picture of your current charger and plug.