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  • Repair Flyer bike battery 26V 11Ah

    Repair Flyer bike battery 36V...

    Flyer Batterie repair 36V 16Ah Li-ion We put a new battery pack ( inside ) of 16Ah in your original housing .    Be aware: we use the housing of your old batterie to put in a new one!

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  • 36 volt DC plug LifePo4 charger

    36 volt Flyer acculader

    Bicycle battery charger Flyer 36-volt bicycle batteries This charger is suitable for Flyer type number: NKY352B2, NKY370B2, NKY428B2 and NKY434B2.

    249,00 €
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  • Repair Flyer bike battery 36V 16Ah Li-ion

    Bicycle battery repair Flyer...

    Overhaul of your 36V Flyer in 16Ah suitable for all e-bikes with a Next Generation mid-motor produced from 2014. a.o. model number NKY466B2 and NKY548B2 We need your old housing to fit a new interior.

    439,00 €
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  • Refurbished Kalkhoff Impulsebike battery 36V 17.5Ah Li-ion

    Refurbished Kalkhoff Impulsebike...

    Refurbished bicycle battery Kalkhoff Impulse 36V 17.5Ah This is a 2nd hand bicycle battery suitable for Kalkhoff Impulse.   NOTE: This is a second chance battery (see additional note) The casing of this battery is in good condition (few scratches / no dents) Ideal for use as second battery / spare battery

    399,00 €
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