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  • Bicycle Battery Li-ion 24V 11Ah revision Zhenlong

    Bicycle Battery Li-ion 24V 11Ah...

    Overhaul your bike battery Aldi , ANWB, Zhenlong 24V 11Ah Li-ion Bicycle Battery revision to 11Ah 24 volts (25.9 volts nominal). This can make more kilometers cycled with your battery. Especially suitable as a replacement for battery type Zhenlong ZL07010 -F 

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  • Revision ebike battery XH370-10J 36V 10.4Ah

    Bicycle battery new Phylion...

    New bicycle battery Phylion type Wall-E 13Ah Original and new Phylion battery XH 370-12J type Wall-E. Replacement for a.o. XH 370-10J ( XH370-10J ) and XH 370-11J ( XH370-11J ) Attention! There are two types: 2 pole and 5 pole. When choosing the battery, check whether you have a 2-pin or 5-pin connection (see pictures) .

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