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  • Hitachi battery 7.2V 1.5 Ah NiCd

    Hitachi 7.2V 2Ah NiMH type B2...

    Replacement Battery for Hitachi battery :  B2    Würth type: 069611406 also suitable for Heiniger Shaving machines for sheep, horses and cows

    30,95 €
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  • Hitachi battery charger 3.6V-18V NiCD, NiMH

    Hitachi battery charger 3.6V-18V...

    Hitachi battery charger for tool batteries This charger is suitable for Hitachi 3.6V-18V (plug) batteries Do you want to use the combination benefit? for € 19.95 instead of € 24.95 See product description

    24,95 €
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  • Hitachi accu 7.2V 2Ah NiCd

    Hitachi 7.2V 2Ah NiMH...

    Replacement battery for Hitachi battery: EB 7 / EB 712S / EB 714S  / EB 7B / EB 7G / EB 7M / EB 7S / FEB 7S    

    19,95 €
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Vervangende accu voor Hitachi 7,2V accugereedschap