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  • Gesipa 12V 2Ah NiMH replacement battery

    Gesipa 12V 2Ah NiMH replacement...

    Replacement battery for Gesipa type: 7251045, 7251049, 7251092 , APGE, Gesipa Accubird, Firebird, Powerbird, Gesipa blind rivet pliers , rivet gun.  

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  • Accu voor Gesipa 12V 2Ah NiCd

    Gesipa Long Life 12V 3Ah NiMH...

    Replacement battery for Gesipa NiMH type: APGE, Gesipa Accubird, Firebird, Powerbird, Gesipa pop rivet pliers, blind rivet gun, Gesipa article number: 7251045, 7251049, 7251092 Also available in a capacity of 2Ah and 3Ah! This battery is made of high quality Japanese cells for extra long life. Specially made for everyday use! 

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