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  • Metabo loader battery for 4,8 Volt accu

    Metabo loader battery for 4,8...

    Battery charger for Metabo 4.8 Volt Original charger 6.27270 for Metabo Power Grip and Power Maxx Battery   

    35,95 €
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  • Metabo Battery quick charger ASC 30 Li-Ion

    Metabo Battery quick charger ASC...

    Metabo ASC 30 Battery Quick Charger Original Metabo chargers 6.27044 

    59,95 €
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  • Universele lader voor  BOSCH 7.2V~24V Ni-CD and Ni-MH accu

    Metabo adapter for battery 10.8V...

    Adapter for Metabo battery 10.8 volt Li-ion This adapter is an attachment for the universal charger 330BRO1098. This adapter is suitable for Metabo 10.8V Li-ion battery. PAY ATTENTION!: This article can only be used in combination with the universal charger 330BRO1098

    12,95 €
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  • RC snellader accupack 1.2V ~ 20V 50W LiPo, NiMH, NiCd,LiFe,PB

    Metabo battery charger 4.8V-18V...

    Metabo battery charger for tool batteries This charger is suitable for Metabo 4.8V-18V (plug) batteries Do you want to use the combination benefit? for € 19.95 instead of € 24.95 See product description

    24,95 €
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